Essential Layers

Summer must be on it's way! I didn't even need to wear a coat to keep me warm this day - I just layered a few wardrobe essentials and managed to stay warm as the sun kept rearing its head (pictures do not do it justice!) So with no oversized coat in sight I opted for what I strongly believe to be a wardrobe staple, a white blazer. It took me a few seasons to find the perfect one but it was well worth the search, you can always count on Zara for a beautiful range of blazers.

 My layering essentials included a black cami (I tried a few different ones on the high street but Topshop won the battle), my trusty denim shirt which I've had for years and some jewellage! Now, incase you hadn't noticed already I have quite an obsession for silver jewels. So to add a little extra to the layering I wore a statement necklace, you won't believe where it's from... Yep, the P-word, and only £8 (it's part of their limited edition range so get in there quick if you like it!)

My rings are from an online store I've recently discovered called Dixi and I was practically drooling on my keyboard! I'd been eyeing up their pieces which my sister must have picked up on as she bought me their Perigee mystic ring and their wishbone midi ring for my birthday - I am hooked! I'm just waiting for the Ganesha elephant amulet ring to come back in stock now to add to my collection, it's incredible!

Hope you all had fun flippin' pancakes! I can safely say it is not my forte! x

Blazer // Zara (Past season)
Shirt // New Look (Past season)
Necklace // Primark
Bag // Select (Past season)
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  1. Soph you look beautiful... love the shots of the jewellery and the underneath bag shot! xx

  2. Your jewellery is amazing!
    Love that necklace.
    Hannah xo

  3. You're very great :)
    Super awesome work
    Love it so much!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Aw thank you, glad you like it!! :-) x

  5. love the layering! and that necklace is gorgeous. Great blog!

    you can find me at...
    ordaining serendipity

  6. Great look.. First time visiting your blog, love it. Amazing style :)

    TERRIFACE | UK Fashion Blog


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