So long 2014, HELLO 2015! Just over a week into January and I'm ready for a little reflection before I tackle this new year. This post is probably more for me than my readers but incase you are interested I thought I'd do a bit of a recap on the year that was 2014, starting with this thing right here...


The beginning of the year saw the birth of my blog! Something I had spent a lot of time thinking about but always brushing off as something I couldn't do. Following the thumbs up from friends and family I decided, "what's the worst that could happen?" and so it began. I like to think my posts have improved slightly from the beginning. I went through a stage of using different cameras, holding awkward poses with photo quality dependant on the camera I could get my hands on at the time. Using a better camera, producing better quality images allowed me to feel more confident about my posts, important to me as I am a little bit of a perfectionist. I still know in my head there's a lot of improvements to be made, but if it's perfect from the beginning what is their to work towards right? I admire bloggers who post content every day and balance a career too as it's definitely something that requires a lot of skill and time. I'm hoping this year that's something I can work on for myself and the quality of my blog. Here goes!

For my birthday in February I got whisked off by my other half to Marrakech to stay in a traditional Riad in the Medina. A couple of our close friends came too and we spent hours in the souks coming home with enough silver jewellery and leather goods between us to open our own shop! Not to mention a HUGE amount of 'naturally sweet tea', a sore subject for the boys when in fact the tea wasn't sweet at all! We even had time to fit in a trekk up the Atlas Mountains followed by a very amusing yet relaxing experience in a Hammam! All in all it was an amazing trip and I would 100% recommend a visit! You can read a bit more about it here

In September we were lucky enough to be invited to a wedding in Lake Como, my first wedding abroad and first trip to Italy (that I'm old enough to remember). Getting there was indeed an adventure and anyone making their way to Lake Como I would strongly advise against finding your way there at 1am - in the dark! Fortunately my boyfriends great navigation skills and my good company eventually got us there in one piece! We had a great few days, mostly drinking prosecco and eating ridiculous Italian food! The wedding was beautiful down to every last detail. You may have seen some photos from when I spammed instagram for that weekend! I would definitely visit again for a long weekend, it was so peaceful - absolute bliss!

 My third and final holiday for the year was one of luxury to Dubai. A group holiday with our besties in glorious sunshine when everyone was de-icing their cars back home was something to smile about. We stayed at the lavish Atlantis hotel, and it was an holiday I'll never forget. The staff were amazing and couldn't do enough for you. Our bedroom had a view of the city, a skyline I could have starred at all day. We mostly ate and drank for the week (much to my waistlines dismay!) with a tourist stop up to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building IN THE WORLD and to watch the famous dancing fountains. Another fabulous holiday with awesome people!

It wouldn't be the same without our annual trip to Glasto. The first festival I've been to, back in 2008 and I've been every year since! Mud, rain, sunshine & storms, I've literally experienced it all (and I still go back!) Anyone who hasn't been I strongly advise you give it a go. It's difficult to put into words exactly what it's like, but it's literally the most weird & wonderful place I've ever been. The highlight this year was watching Kasabian on our final night, jumping up and down so much that my Bobbi brown shimmer brick smashed and I couldn't have cared less! Then stumbling across a live band stand where we all stopped for an old school boogie! Roll on 2015!

The most special part of 2014 for me and my family. Not many people become an auntie twice in the space of ten weeks! I am officially 'Auntie Sophia', and I'm lucky enough to have the most gorgeous princess Jemima and the handsome prince Hugo as my niece and nephew. The best feeling ever, they can dribble and sneeze on you as much as they like and they still absolutely melt your heart. So looking forward to watching them grow this year!

That's just a few of the key events that occurred in my life last year, now on to 2015 for more amazing memories! Happy new year everyone x

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  1. oh my gosh, your niece and nephew are ADORABLE!

    from helen at

    1. Thanks! I know I'm biased but they are so so cute!!! :-) xx

  2. Your blog is beautiful, especially for being so new still! Keep up the great work <3

    xo Kenzie
    easy, lucky, free

    1. Aw thanks so much, really appreciate your comment! :-) xx

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